Designer - Tessa Bide Children's Touring Theatre - Spring 2017
A completely original one woman show without words, A Strange New Space melds physical theatre with stunning puppetry and original music. We travel on an imagined voyage into space, paralleled with Amira’s real-life journey as a refugee across continents, forming an unforgettable introduction to theatre for audiences of four years and older.
Touring throughout 2017 and 2018, including a run at Summerhall during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 and at the Story of Space Festival in Goa, India in November 2017. For more information please visit
Costume Designer - Le Navet Bete - Spring 2017
Photographer: Mark Dawson
Costume Designer - Walk the Plank/Mr Wilsons Second Liners - October 2016
Conceived by Sonya Moorhead with seasoned experts Walk The Plank , this new collaboration with Mr. Wilson’s Second Liners is currently in development for 2018.
Drawing upon a rich tapestry of cultural references, Voodoo Rising is a euphoric fusion of music, movement, fire and pyrotechnics inspired by the Louisiana Bayou and hedonism of 90s clubland. Sarah joined the team for the R&D period, which included a spectacular performance at Arts by the Sea Festival in Bournemouth, October 2016.

Costume Designer - Tangled Feet - Summer 2016
In this unique durational performance piece, which evolves over the course of each day, Tangled Feet questions how we all cope with standing on the edge of enormous uncertainty. Has this state of emergency become the new normal?

Designer - Cirque Bijou/Nutkhut - Summer 2016

Co-Costume Designer  - Tobacco Factory Theatres/Peepolykus - Christmas 2015
"Costumes look great, that is down to the hard work and very clever artistic flair of Sarah Dicks" - Phil Eddolls, Set Designer

Set, Costume and Puppetry Designer - Touring family Christmas show by Tessa Bide Productions - Winter 2015
Set and Costume Designer - Family Christmas show produced by Angel Exit Theatre at Lighthouse, Poole - Winter 2015

Costume Designer - Outdoor theatre for 10th Anniversary of Wales Millenium Centre produced by Walk the Plank - Sept 2015

Costume Design and Construction - Touring Theatre produced by Le Navet Bete - Spring 2015

Costume Designer - Aerial performance to launch Bristol Green Capital, Produced by Cirque Bijou at the Create Centre, Bristol - January 2015

Puppetry Assistant - Disney's The Lion King, UK and Switzerland Zebra Tour - 2013-2015
 I began on the tour in Bristol 2013, and then was asked back time and time again all over the UK and then did a final six weeks in Basel, Switzerland in 2015. My responsibilities included maintaining, repairing and refurbishing the puppets as well as responding to calls during the show and doing any last minute repairs in the wings, working under high pressure.